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Devices, apps and connectivity in the workplace are all at an inflection point. The adoption of smartphones means technophobia has given way to heavy tech use in all aspects of our work—with massive changes underway in how we communicate, collaborate, coach and manage.

No longer reluctant consumers of technology, today’s workers now actively expect engaging, productive digital tools to help them to do their jobs better. Those demands are driving companies to integrate technology not just into work, but into performance management—and the bar is set high.

Is your performance management process calibrated to support the needs of today’s digital native workforce? Check out our new guide: The Tech-Enabled Culture: The role of coaching and feedback in a digital-native workforce for advice for choosing and employing tech-forward performance management software to better manage and meet your organization’s needs.

You’ll discover:

  • What employees expect from performance management technology
  • What tools are available to drive success
  • Challenges and benefits of tech-enabled coaching and feedback