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The most flexible and configurable platform on the market

iCoach brings all things field development together in one app…

COACH, TRAIN, ASSESS and a whole lot more! iCoach allows you to turn on only what you need. Not only does this help you manage change more effectively, but the system can also grow with your evolving needs.

It starts with COACH…

As its name suggests, iCoach was built to make field coaching easier, more connected and impactful (and less administrative). Configurability and flexibility are two important keys to its success. Field Coaching Reports (FCRs) can be configured based on your organization’s specific requirements and linked directly to critical elements, such as sales metrics, training resources, and more.

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Link to Needs-Based Training

Unlike any other solutions on the market, iCoach allow for the seamless integration of coaching and training. Right from the FCR you can review and assign needs-based training resources to help close the development loop. These resources can either be pulled from you existing LMS (deep link or integration) or housed directly in iCoach, as it can serve a fully-functional mobile LMS.

ASSESS and Measure Critical Skills

iCoach even offers a multi-purpose survey and assessment tool that enables you to conduct certifications, pulse surveys, post-training assessments, and more!

Have competencies? iCoach has a built-in competency assessment (using your competencies). This assessment between a manager and sales rep drives robust developmental conversations and focuses needs-based coaching and training efforts. Results for this assessment can also be viewed in aggregate.

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Goal Achievement

Engage with Real-time Feedback & Recognition

At iCoach, we strongly believe that coaching shouldn’t just happen every 5-6 weeks during scheduled field visits. That is why we built the Quick Feedback feature to allow for an on-going, continuous stream of feedback and coaching to happen anywhere, anytime. In fact, a best-practice adopted by many of our clients is to use this tool for coach-the-coach opportunities, in addition to ad hoc coaching moments for reps.

Other Powerful Features

Competency/Sales Model Management – Make sure the critical skills, knowledge and abilities essential for success are front and center. Coach, train, and assess against competencies throughout the platform to ensure the proper focus.

Virtual Coaching – Not at the same place at the same time? No problem. Remotely coach through video/audio functionality and document interactions in an FCR, Quick Feedback, and/or certification.


Coach-the-Coach – We all talk about it, but now there are tools to do it, including ongoing feedback between first- and second-line managers and our FCR annotation tool on the iPad.

Goal Management – Goals can either be directly managed in iCoach or imported from your HRIS to ensure they are properly incorporated into coaching and development activities.

Development Plans – Create living development plans that can be referenced and updated throughout the year.

Performance Reviews – Now that you’ve coached and developed your people all year long, this information is now readily available to conduct a performance review right in iCoach or to inform reviews conducted in other systems.

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