Vision to Victory – How LEO is Driving Field Development & Engagement

Life Sciences companies of today certainly recognize that Field Development is necessary to drive the performance and productivity of their field sales organizations.  But, why is it so hard to actually realize Engagement, and in turn, see desired results?

Think of some of the more critical components of Field Development – CRMs, sales analytics data, competencies, selling models, field coaching, LMSs, training, assessments, certifications, etc.  While in and of themselves they might be very good, they’re too often both disconnected and disengaging and therefore do not produce expected levels of impact and ROI.

Join us for this LTEN webinar, sponsored by iCoachFirst, as Angela Mead, Manager of Field Force Excellence at LEO Pharmaceuticals and Philip Bedrin, Vice President of Life Sciences Solutions at iCoachFirst showcase LEO’s continuous vision to Driving Field Development and Engagement by integrating their “parts” through technology.

 Learning objectives:

  • Learn about LEO’s changing field sales landscape as well as some of the specific challenges LEO faced with disparate Field Development and Engagement tools
  • Hear how LEO is implementing  strategic, streamlined, and forward-thinking approaches  that the Field is embracing
  • Share some creative, yet practical ways to maximize the effectiveness and potential of critical Field Development and Engagement processes through an integrated technology platform called iCoachFirst and other complementary systems