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TalentFirst rebrands as iCoachFirst


TalentFirst, a leading provider of performance management solutions, today announced the rebrand of the company to iCoachFirst to align under its flagship iCoachFirst® global performance enablement solution.

Given the pace of change in business today, as companies build more agile strategic plans, HR and business leaders are looking for performance management solutions to unite the goals of the business with the growth and development of its employees. iCoachFirst has been a leader in the space, offering a ground-breaking, end-to-end performance management solution, with a focus on real-time performance enablement: coaching and feedback.

As research has shown, only 21 percent of employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work. Additionally, workplaces with high-trust, high-engagement and high-support environments perform nearly twice as well as the general market. For years, iCoachFirst has partnered with leading Fortune 100 companies, largely in the pharmaceutical and life sciences space, to drive best-in-class sales performance results using its innovative and mobile-first coaching and performance management solution. As the iCoachFirst offering has expanded to other industries equally invested in creating coaching-led, high-performance work cultures, the company has decided to unite its product and solution offering officially under the established strength of iCoachFirst.

“The modern workplace is all about collaboration, real-time feedback, active listening, and genuine ‘in the moment’ learning,” explains iCoachFirst CEO Rishav Gupta. “Collaborative, consistent coaching conversations keep managers plugged in and keep employees engaged. This is the core of the iCoachFirst solution, and we’ve seen how well it drives open dialogue between managers and employees to align expectations, build trust, establish goals and measure both employee engagement and team success. We are proud to align our company around the results our clients have seen with iCoachFirst, and to officially offer that solution to the broader global performance management marketplace.”

For more information, visit www.iCoachFirst.com.

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