How to Sustain Coaching Between Sessions

Coaching has long been a critical component of the development of sales professionals.  They offer valuable face time between a Manager and his/her team members to focus on leveraging successes, identifying areas for improvement, and most importantly impacting results.

But, what happens to coaching after the Manager and the Sales Rep have just completed that "great" work-with session- does the input stop until the next time?

Join us as we share ideas on how to better sustain coaching between Sessions. You will learn: 

  • How Managers and Reps can engage in a collaborative coaching process that reinforces the key areas and action items discussed during field ride sessions
  • Methods that Managers should be using to provide coaching and continuous feedback outside of a formalized coaching session and/or Coaching Report
  • Ways in which Managers and Reps can collaborate and monitor progress against goals, objectives, action items and training assignments to reinforce coaching and overall development of sales representatives