How to Give Feedback to Difficult Employees

How to give feedback - Screen Shot -214505-editedDread giving feedback to certain employees?  Studies show that most employees want to receive feedback, even if it’s “constructive” in nature. 

However, we all have one or two team members who, at best, give us pause before we provide them with feedback or, in worse case scenarios, cause us to avoid it all together.

If this sound familiar, help is here!  Download our free infographic, How To Give Feedback To A Difficult Employee, for greater insights into:

  • Ways feedback can go bad
  • How to provide constructive feedback to “difficult” personalities

This infographic is a companion piece to our eBook, How To Keep Feedback From Backfiring (and what to do if it does).  Here you will find additional insights into giving and receiving feedback, including how best to respond when feedback goes “off the rails.”

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