Download Our New Webinar: Great Coaches Provide Great Feedback

Too often, we assume managers know how to give feedback. It’s a fundamental skill, right? Unfortunately, like most assumptions, this thinking is off base and can have serious consequences, especially since managers influence up to 70% of an individual’s success (Gallup). The fact is, you can’t be an effective coach unless you provide your people with an ongoing stream of quality verbal and written feedback.

We recently co-hosted a webinar with L-TEN where we discussed the importance of feedback, best practices on how to provide and receive feedback, and how it can be delivered for maximum impact through a mobile coaching and development solution (and not just in a Field Coaching Report). 

Webinar highlights:

  • Learn why the old adage “people leave managers, not companies” is more relevant today than ever
  • Learn how continuous feedback positively impacts your company’s bottom-line and benefits every organizational level
  • Learn simple methods on how to provide, receive, and request feedback, making it easier and less stressful for everyone involved
  • Learn how feedback can be brought to life in your field coaching and development solution, meeting people where they are (and not just every 4-5 weeks on a field visit)

You’ll hear from:

    • Ted Power, Chief Customer Officer, iCoachFirst
    • Susan Armstrong International Speaker and Award-winning Talent Development Expert