7 Signs Your CRM Add-on Is Failing The Field

7crmborderIf you’re using a CRM tool that offers a bolt-on coaching tool (like Veeva), you might be thinking that not only is it good enough, but it’s saving you money.  Think again.  The problem is CRMs weren’t built for coaching, tend to be inflexible, and lack the components proven to grow your people to higher levels of success.

In our latest eBook, 7 Signs Your CRM Add-on Is Failing The Field, we outline common issues facing Life Sciences companies that use CRM coaching tools.  Issues that can be holding your sales people back and, ultimately, costing you more money.

 Looking for an alternative?  iCoach was built specifically for Life Sciences field sales organizations and is the most flexible and comprehensive field coaching and development solution on the market.  Best of all, it seamlessly integrates with your CRM to optimize the effectiveness of both systems.

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