Because on-going coaching and feedback is EVERYTHING

Modern workforces demand frequent touchpoints and peer-to-peer connections to remain engaged and productive. The problem is, coaching and/or feedback typically comes too late or, worse yet, not at all. That is why iCoachFirst places a special focus on enabling real-time, continuous coaching and feedback at all levels through a number of easy-to-use tools.

  • Quick Feedback to/from anyone
  • Formal and informal Coaching Conversations
  • Social recognition and communication boards
  • Follow-up actions/training linked to coaching

Because an integrated solution is the only solution

Performance management is not a singular event but, rather, the sum of multiple, critical talent processes. iCoachFirst aligns and delivers all of these processes in one easy-to-use application that takes the guess-work and hassle out of managing and enabling performance.

iCoachFirst links and aligns:
  • Agile goal setting
  • Coaching and feedback
  • Training and development
  • Surveys and assessments
  • Rewards and recognition

Because you require a fully mobile, hassle-free experience

We live in a mobile, on-the-go world. Given that usage is essential for any application’s success, what better way to drive adoption than to enable it on the devices and systems we use every day? You already coach and develop your people so let iCoachFirst help you make it easier and more impactful, wherever you and your employees may be.

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Native iPad/tablet and smartphone application (iPhone and Android)
  • Convenient email plug-in
  • Feedback, data, and insights all available on-the-go

Because leaders need analytics to strategically drive the business

Smarter talent decisions are made using real-time, actionable data. iCoachFirst offers a wide variety of dashboards and analytics to help leaders engage and manage their organizations more effectively.

  • Understand team engagement and activity levels
  • Leverage data for on-going individual and team performance insights
  • Understand the true potential of your management team
  • Optimize ROI of training resources
  • Create data-driven development and succession plans

Because everyone in your organization wins

  • Feel connected to the business and each other
  • Understand expectations and where they stand
  • Get the most out of learning experiences
  • Are less likely to leave, because they feel valued and supported
  • Learn how to be better coaches
  • More easily connect company values/mission to people’s daily work
  • Enable performance and create a culture of engaged employees