Talent Solutions

How Can You Implement An Approach That Works?

TalentFirst will change the way your organization thinks about managing your workforce by providing tools that encourage daily, year-round interaction and productivity and enabling an ongoing communication flow around everyday work as it relates to the achievement of goals.

solution #01

Create Goals That Are Agile, Flexible and Relevant

Whether your organization uses goals or objectives in your performance review process, focuses on project management goals, or wants to engage employees by setting and tracking goals, TalentFirst has a solution for you.

  • Set and adapt throughout the year as change demands
  • Build stronger associations between day to day work and overall organizational achievement
  • Quick-link goals and the communication threads associated with them for use in reviews or assessments
  • Keep employees engaged with personal goal setting and tracking tools
solution #02

Coach and Empower with Ongoing and Timely Communication

With so many different methods to keep in touch, communication can become disjointed, overwhelming or just plain noise. Managers and teams need better ways to communicate so messaging can be not only real time, but directly connected to specific goals or projects in order to motivate, collaborate and impact results.

  • Enable open communication among peers to share ideas, keep informed and feel like a part of the big picture
  • Recognize team or individual successes to keep motivation levels high
  • Broadcast important goal or project specific updates to ensure progress stays on track
  • Create communication threads specific to a goal or project to ensure relevance and accuracy in communication
solution #03

Impact Team Engagement

Enable individuals to create, prioritize and measure their accomplishments and allow teams to communicate, collaborate and celebrate their success. TalentFirst has tools to ensure projects and tasks stay on track, keep everyone informed, and maximize team involvement.

  • Create stand alone projects or link projects to goals to ensure employees see how their work impacts the organization's success
  • Assign teams or invite others to participate in or provide input into a project
  • Set or send reminders for milestones or tasks
  • Easily update and view progress any time to keep projects on track and recognize milestones along the way
solution #04

Link Learning to Goal Achievement and Development

Stay ahead of the learning curve and keep managers and employees developing, growing and succeeding by providing timely training or on-demand learning opportunities that link to goals, projects and performance success.

  • Deploy targeted training based on the individual needs of team members or needs of a project
  • Monitor team and individual training and assignment progress to facilitate meaningful developmental dialogue
  • Keep learning relevant to daily work and performance with personalized Learning Activities Plans to organize and guide individuals through their learning process
  • Keep learning interactive and fun with gamification, learning credits and incentives
solution #05

Engage With Real Time Rewards and Recognition

With tools that allow managers and other team members to recognize achievements easily and in real time, you can ensure that good behaviors are being reinforced and the right skills are being acknowledged. With TalentFirst you can ensure employees are feeling noticed, appreciated and empowered.

  • Custom create and award badges to maximize engagement by recognizing achievements, participation, training completion, and other milestones
  • Add a gamification element and create some healthy competition by assigning values to badges for incentive programs
  • Flag badge summary to be used in year to date snapshots or reviews
  • Keep employees motivated with their easily visible badge summary on their landing page and badge alert notifications
solution #06

Keep Up To Date on Progress and Milestones

With at-a glance tools, managers and individuals can easily identify who or what's on track and who or what may require some additional time or attention. TalentFirst empowers you with easy access information to keep projects, goals and tasks on track.

  • Easily update and view progress and accomplishments for individual achievement or overall project results-tracking for maximum team engagement
  • Quickly and easily view individuals or whole teams to identify leaders and laggers in goal or project completion
  • Drill into progress charts to see specific metrics or measures associated
  • Progress dashboards allow managers and individuals to see the "big picture" of their progress and how it relates to the team and/or organization
solution #07

Motivate and Reinforce With Continuous Assessments and Review

Waiting until the end of the year to assess results is a process of the past. Employees need to know how they are doing in real time in order to continue performing at their best, and managers need better tools to assess performance when it is most relevant and they need reviews that virtually write themselves. TalentFirst will revolutionize the way you assess and review performance all throughout the year.

  • Gather and share immediate input and timely and relevant feedback by launching pre-developed or on-the-fly assessments
  • Provide an achievement overview at anytime of the year or at yearend with the click of a button to create a "Year to Date Snapshot"
  • Edit and modify the "Year to Date Snapshot" and use support tools such as the "suggested feedback pool" to easily create a yearend review.
  • Maximize feedback opportunities by inviting others to provide input into the "Year to Date Snapshot"

"I never imagined I would ever say that creating Performance
Reviews was easy, but TalentFirst® has changed that. The Year to
Date Snapshot let's my employees know where they stand year
round and makes the final review a snap."