"I never imagined I would ever say that creating Performance Reviews was easy, but TalentFirst® has changed that. The Year to Date Snapshot lets my team know where they stand year round and makes the final review a snap."

Jonathan H. Project Manager

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Our Customer Stories

"I'll admit that I haven't always been the greatest at giving ongoing feedback other than saying, "good job" on a regular basis...."
John s.sales director
"For years our organization has been trying to create a culture of ongoing year-round performance management,...."
Jaqueline F.VP Human resources
"Since we've put TalentFirst in place I've seen a big change in the way our leaders and employees are using goals...."
DOUG A.Director Talent Development
"I really like the fact that I can get and give input on a regular basis so that there is no suprise when it comes...."
Seth D.Support Services
"One of my favorite tools is the ability to launch assessments to gather feedback at appropriate milestones...."
Jack L.VP Franchise Operations
"I manage a lot of people with varying shifts so it's not always easy to ensure that I'm documenting the feedback and coaching...."
Linda D.Call Center Lead
"TalentFirst has been a huge asset in helping the project management process in our company. ...."
Michelle H.Director of Marketing
"The implementation of this was so easy and the software is so intuitive that the learning curve has been minimal...."
Kris T.Director of Sales Operations