iCoachFirst will change the way your organization manages performance with tools that deliver real-time feedback, targeted coaching and meaningful collaboration to empower your workforce and achieve results.


We Create Goals That Are Agile, Flexible and Relevant

Whether your organization uses goals or objectives in your performance review process, focuses on project management goals, or wants to engage employees by setting and tracking goals, iCoachFirst can help you set goals and adapt them throughout the year as change demands. You can build stronger associations between day to day work and overall or ganizational achievement, improving employee engagement and productivity.

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Next, we show you how to

Coach and Empower with Ongoing and Timely Communication

With so many different methods to keep in touch, communication can become disjointed, overwhelming or just plain noise. Managers and teams need better ways to communicate so real-time messaging can directly connect to specific goals in order to motivate and impact results. With iCoachFirst, you can enable open communication among peers to share ideas, keep everyone informed and make sure each member of the team feels like a part of the big picture.

Our Approach will

Impact Team Engagement

With iCoachFirst, team members can create, prioritize and measure their accomplishments and communicate, collaborate and celebrate their success. iCoachFirst ensures projects and tasks stay on track and everyone stays informed so collaboration can flourish.

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You can finally

Link Learning to Goal Achievement and Development

Stay ahead of the learning curve and keep managers and employees developing, growing and succeeding with iCoachFirst. You can provide by timely training or on-demand learning opportunities that link to goals, projects and performance success. This keeps learning relevant to daily performance with personalized Learning Activities Plans to organize and guide individuals through their learning process.

It’s time to

Engage With Real Time Feedback and Recognition

With tools that allow managers and other team members to recognize achievements easily and in real time, you can ensure that positive behaviors are reinforced and the right skills are acknowledged. With iCoachFirst you can ensure employees are noticed, appreciated and empowered.


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From now on you can

Keep Up To Date on Progress and Milestones

With at-a glance tools, managers and individuals can easily identify what's on track and who may require additional time or attention. iCoachFirst empowers you with easy access to information to keep projects, goals and tasks on track.


With iCoachFirst, we make it easy to

Motivate and Reinforce With Continuous
Assessments and Review

Waiting until the end of the year to assess results is a process of the past. Employees need to know how they are doing to continue performing at their best, and managers need better tools to assess performance when it is most relevant. iCoachFirst will revolutionize the way you assess and review performance throughout the year.


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"I never imagined I would ever say that creating performance reviews was easy,
but iCoachFirst® has changed that. The Year to Date Snapshot lets my employees know where they stand year round and makes the final review a snap."