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Company Overview

A Rich History of Employee Engagement & Development

The number one goal at TalentFirst is to help organizations ENGAGE employees in order to achieve superior results. Talentfirst provides the right tools to encourage continuous communication and coaching, enable real-time feedback and recognition, and keep managers, employees and teams actively connected and collaborating.

Talentfirst got its start almost two decades ago as a talent management consulting firm with a unique ability to scientifically identify the key factors that lead to high performance in any organization.

For almost 20 years, we have worked with clients of various sizes and across many industries to deliver highly valued talent management solutions. In partnering with our clients, we were able to identify a need for better technology to support ever changing and growing Talent Management initiatives which led to the development of the TalentFirst software solution. Our platform has been designed to be flexible and grow with companies based on their specific talent management needs and strategic engagement and development initiatives.

What Else Does TalentFirst Do?


Behavioral Insight

Assessment Tool to Hire and Retain Top Performers

The Behavioral Insight® is a valid and reliable behavioral assessment that can be used to hire, manage, and develop top performers at all organizational levels. Accessible online, this powerful assessment tool objectively measures 14 personality traits and over 30 behavioral competencies. The Behavioral Insight® is a never-seen-before assessment experience that significantly enhances your ability to hire and retain top performers at all levels.



Life Science Specific Coaching Software Solution

iCoachFirst is an all-in-one field sales force management system designed specifically to maximize the impact and efficiency of critical talent management processes within the Life Sciences industry. iCoachFirst is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that integrates vital elements of Life Science specific field-based coaching, training, learning, communication, assessments, meetings, and performance all within the same platform.


Pharma Meet

Life Science Specific Meeting App

Pharma Meet is an all-in-one meetings/session management system designed specifically for meetings conducted within the Life Sciences industry. It supports National, Regional, District, Team, POA, Training meetings, and other events. It can be used as stand alone app or in conjunction with other TalentFirst app modules.

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As a rapidly growing company, we continue to expand our team of highly qualified experts to deliver high-quality Talent Management software solutions. Our unique culture, company values, and passionate desire for successful results allow for a challenging yet fun work environment. Whether it is to kick-start your career or to leverage your knowledge and expertise in Talent Management, working at TalentFirst is a great opportunity to learn new skills and boost your career.

TalentFirst is conveniently located in central New Jersey and offers competitive compensation and benefits packages, as well as a variety of additional employee perks. We would love to hear from you, so email your cover letter and résumé to TalentFirst.

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